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Dr. Codjoe provides a conservative approach with a gentle touch. Our friendly, kind staff and caring atmosphere will help you and your family feel comfortable throughout the treatment process. Patients return to Gateway Dental Care because they know we care about their health and happiness.

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Patient Resources

How LANAP® Can Fix Loose Teeth and Reverse Bone Loss

Bone regeneration is a constant, natural process in the human body. Whenever you fracture, or even break a bone, the human body immediately starts to re-form that bone structure. The bone supporting your teeth is no exception. Traditionally, there were few options when it came to...

The Importance of Healthy Gums

Despite the medical and technological advancements that Americans enjoy, many suffer from some form of gum disease. Most people know very little about the symptoms and treatment of gum disease, and about 39 percent of Americans do not visit the dentist regularly.

4 Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums This Holiday Season

We completely understand. It’s the holidays: a time for family, friends, and all the delectable treats that come with it. Arguably healthy for the soul, but not exactly considered healthy for your teeth and gums!

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